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Monster Hunter Online Free Download Game

RPG, TPP, fantasy, hack’and’slash, play for free, co-op Companies responsible for Monster Hunter Online  Capcom | game developer  Tencent | publisher   Monster Hunter Online release date for PC:  September 2016 | Worldwide  September 2016 | Europe  September 2016 | USA
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Monster Hunter Online for PC / Windows is an action MMO and a part of the popular series of Japanese action games. The production was created by the combined forces of internal development teams from Capcom and Tencent Games. It is free-to-play with micropayments.

Players become monster hunters. The fighting is action-based, so the players’ skills are more important than their characters’ traits. The emphasis is put on close cooperation between teammates. Many beasts are so powerful that defeating them without help borders on the impossible. The action takes place on a large continent where there are wild areas as well as many villages and towns. In the game, we can pit ourselves against newly introduced monsters as well as beasts known from the previous installments of the series.

Apart from traditional skill-based attacks, characters also have powerful special abilities activated manually. However, they are not dominant elements of the game, as they are in typical MMORPGs, and are only used occasionally. Players can combine these skills into team combos.

Monster Hunter Online on PC / Windows is based on CryEngine 3 technology. This modern engine allowed the authors to implement destructible environment. Some monsters can even uproot a tree and use it as a club or launch a piece of the destroyed building at the characters. Moreover, the characters’ weapons leave permanent scars on the monsters’ bodies.

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